Sunday, February 7, 2010

What to do today?

Sunday, February 7, 2010.

Too much going on today. I really don't know how it will come out. Hopefully I'll be able to do everything planned.

1st... Daughter Lisa is here from Texas. She came to go a local Mardi-Gras parade held last night. While here, she and the "Queen Mother" planned a noon-time get together with all of her parade friends, and the rest of my children that live here. We'll meet at a local Mexican food restaurant.

2nd... Another parade is scheduled here today. It's the "Krew of Barkus and Meoux". This is a parade where people, young, old, and otherwise, bring their pets to show off all manner of costumes and other activities related to their "furry" family members. It's a sketcher's dream! I had made plans to be front row, before the onslaught of family members, their friends, and a noon gathering. All I can do is "wolf" down my meal and make a dash for the parade. Being the family patriach, I can probably get away with no problem. If I'm successful, I'll post some sketches.

3rd... Later today the "Nation of Who Dat" finally gets some respect! As to be expected, all of the above crowd - family, friends of the family, and anyone else within the area will converge on my place to watch the game and have a pizza party. This is one time I'll not be able to plead "Old Age, I'm going to bed, don't forget to turn out the lights". This once-in-a-lifetime event will get my full and wide-awake attention.

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